Full Architectural Services

The standard method of describing the services an Architect provides is utilising the RIBA Plan of Work. Here is a summary of that Plan;

A. Appraisal

Identification of client’s requirements and possible constraints on development. Preparation  of studies to enable the client to decide whether to proceed and to select  the probable procurement method.

B. Strategic Briefing

Preparation of Strategic Brief, by or on behalf of the client, confirming key requirements and constraints. Identification of procedures, organisational structure and  range of consultants and others to be engaged for the Project.

C. Outline Proposals

Commence development of Strategic Brief into full Project Brief. Preparation of outline proposals and estimate of cost. Review of procurement route.

D. Detailed Proposals

Complete development of Project Brief. Preparation of Detailed Proposals.

E. Final Proposals

Preparation of Final Proposals for the Project sufficient for co-ordination of all components and elements of the Project.

F. Production Information

F1. Preparation of production information in sufficient detail to enable a tender or tenders to be obtained.

F2. Preparation of further production information   required under the building contract.

G. Tender Documentation

Preparation and collation of tender documentation in sufficient detail to enable a tender or tenders to be obtained.

H. Tender Action

Identification and evaluation of potential tenderers.

Obtaining and appraising tenders.

J. Mobilisation

Letting the building contract, appointing the contractor. Issuing of production information to the contractor.

K. Construction to Practical Completion

Administration of the building contract up to and   including practical completion

L. After Practical Completion

Administration of the building contract after practical completion.

Making final inspections and setting the final account

We undertake all types of Architectural projects across Residential, Commercial, Leisure and Retail sectors. Please refer to the ‘Domestic Architectural Services’ guide in the main menu if you are interested in a domestic type project.